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What are Dermal and Wrinkle Fillers?

As we age, you might start noticing wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes (resembling what looks like crow’s feet) between our eyebrows, around the nose and mouth. Your skin begins to lose it’s elasticity and volume. To prevent these dramatic changes there are treatments known as dermal fillers. The dermal filler treatment involves injectable gels that are a non-surgical solution to newly formed lines and wrinkles. These fillers help restore collagen to the skin and may last up to a year. The following products are considered “fillers” and are used to smooth out facial lines.

Juvéderm Ultra/UltraPlus – The most popular hyaluronic acid based filler. Ideal for treating nasolabial folds, marionette lines and downturned corners of the mouth.

Juvéderm Voluma – Restores volume to mid-face and cheeks lifting the face and restoring a youthful profile. Also used in the temples, chin, jawline, and prejowl.

Restylane – Similar to Juvederm, it softens lines and wrinkles.

Restylane Lyft – Adds lift and volume to cheeks.

Restylane Silk – A super smooth gel that plumps and defines lips.

Radiesse – Tiny beads of calcium hydroxylapatite provide immediate volume, and stimulate on-going production of fresh collagen.

Lips and perioral lines (lipstick lines, upper lip lines) – add volume to lips, hydrate lips, soften lines

Corners of mouth – reverse the downturn of the corners of the mouth seen with aging

Marionette lines – Soften the shadows below the corners of the mouth • Nasolabial folds – fill in smile lines

Cheeks/Midface – restore volume to the cheeks, lift the face, and emphasize the cheek bones

Jawline – sharpen the jawline and minimize the appear the jowls

Prejowl – treat the area of volume loss just in front of the jowl but to the side of the chin

Temples – treat the scalloped appearance of the upper face due to volume loss in this area

Undereyes – improve dark circle and camouflage under eye puffiness • Frown lines – used in combination with Botox

Forehead lines – for deep lines on the forehead which Botox itself cannot completely treat

Neck lines – filler in “necklace lines” on the neck

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