Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan

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At Image Enhancement Center, we collaborate with our patients to implement dietary and lifestyle changes. What sets our Weight Loss program apart from the rest is that we have our doctor supervise your weight loss journey with us by starting with a comprehensive evaluation of nutritional needs based on the patients health, blood test results, physical examination and dietary history.

Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan Includes a consultation with Dr. Kern, routine check ups with our weight loss counselor, appetite suppressant medication, a low calorie diet plan, as well as vitamins and supplements to support your weight loss goals. Try our 20 day program today for $495 or our 40 day program for $795.

Our program also offers nutrition counseling, body composition assessment, complete blood panel, EKG, B12 injections, B-complex vitamins and supplements.

When you sign up with our Weight Loss program you can not only count on dropping weight but our commitment to you is to also include:

  • Monthly follow-up visits to help keep you on track
  • Individual attention at every office visit
  • Safe and effective weight loss with close monitoring
  • Realistic goal setting based on your individual needs
  • A focus on providing information that will help keep weight off long-term
  • Fitness and Exercise counseling

Call us today so we can schedule you for a FREE consultation with Dr. Kern and our Weight Loss counselor.

Appointments available in Houston, TX and Katy, TX