Natural Breast Augementation

Breast Augmentation

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Natural Breast Augmentation at The Image Enhancement Center uses a patient’s fat cells taken from unwanted fatty deposits usually found on the hips, thighs or buttocks. The procedure is minimally invasive – unlike surgery for saline or silicone implants. The results are beautiful, natural breasts without the hard, taut look that is so commonly seen with artificial implants.

Houston Breast Augmentation Surgeon James H. Kern specializes in Aqua Shape Body-Jet® water-assisted liposuction to extract fat cells.  The cells are then carefully grafted to the patient’s existing breast tissue, which usually results in a size increase of half to one cup.

Patients receive local anesthesia during both the AquaShape by Body-Jet ® and breast augmentation procedure. There are minimal scars, which quickly diminish. Patients usually return to normal activities in a few days. Many patients book their procedures on a Thursday or Friday so that they can return to work the following Monday.

Dr. Kern’s  is an experienced liposuction surgeon who is highly skilled in the use of Aqua Shape Body-Jet®. Patients rely on Dr. Kern’s expertise to re-shape their body into its most beautiful best.

In addition to breast augmentation, he also performs buttocks augmentation using the same techniques.

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